Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Yes, that's exactly my state of mind right now.

I have got my Skype scheduled in 2 hours from now with Warren. Interestingly, it's 4th of July and America would be celebrating. But, somewhere in the corners of India, someone is infuriating. This is mainly because I am stuck with these phase equilibrium problems and I couldn't solve them. I have tried a lot. The most interesting part is that I have to present today. So with a good start to the day many more excuses might be on the way to Warren. I just hope I am saved today with the embarrassment. Going absolutely crazy creating new files in Aspen and failing to get desired phases. I think I m gonna shut this down and go have Samosa and Tea at Kali da. 

Yeah, that'll be better.

P.S : In my opinion, I think the solution to all the problems in this world is Good food.


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