Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Yes, that's exactly my state of mind right now.

I have got my Skype scheduled in 2 hours from now with Warren. Interestingly, it's 4th of July and America would be celebrating. But, somewhere in the corners of India, someone is infuriating. This is mainly because I am stuck with these phase equilibrium problems and I couldn't solve them. I have tried a lot. The most interesting part is that I have to present today. So with a good start to the day many more excuses might be on the way to Warren. I just hope I am saved today with the embarrassment. Going absolutely crazy creating new files in Aspen and failing to get desired phases. I think I m gonna shut this down and go have Samosa and Tea at Kali da. 

Yeah, that'll be better.

P.S : In my opinion, I think the solution to all the problems in this world is Good food.


Friday, May 19, 2017

Life these days..

My average day ends by 1:30 or 2 am and I woke up at 8, get ready and all and then move to the lab. But between hall and lab, I have to make a stop over to have my breakfast. Why? Because hall mess is closed due to summer vacations. There's a time constraint for marking attendance. In order to do that, immediately have to rush to the department. After crossing that hurdle, the next is to go two ways:
1. Old building lab
2. P K Sinha Centre
3. Mechanical Eng lab
4. Cryogenics Centre lab

So while I am on my bicycle I decide which way to go. Why I have to do that? P K Sinha Centre; because my students,two of them, have their experimental set-up there and I am guiding them with their experiments. Last month only got done with two more after submission of their thesis. My inoculums and other experiment is also going on there. Old building lab; since that's my old lab and I like it over there. I find my mental peace there. There are not much people in that lab so I prefer to be there. Also, all the experimental set-ups have to be done there only before shifting to yet another lab of ours which is CFD lab in Mechanical Engineering Department. 
So for those experiments, I rush to CFD lab and the sampling and analysis of all those samples have to be done in the main building lab. Cryogenics lab; to learn Aspen, for my US research work.
So technically and literally, I am running all day long. And, this is minus, going to the raceway pond area, to the SRIC office, CWIS centre, Civil eng etc etc. So yesterday night I was thinking why I get so tired at the end of the day and sleep like a hibernating bear and I came to this conclusion. So I think I m fine.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

When I meet my Future self

Music and Library does to me what Yoga/Meditation does to others.
Library is one of the finest place where my brain and body answers as one.  The amount of peace and intensity I get here is unspeakable. As last few days have been so chaotic, so messy, so over-loaded, damn! I still have tons of work and deadlines, but I managed to have a fulfilling time. Playing the Vidya vox version of We dun talk.., I love how she used Tabla, the sound of which got amalgmated with the original ones and making the cover look even better. I think I am naturally inclined to music, good music, all kinds of music. I love Tabla, I will learn it someday soon. With this, I am imagining how my place/home would look like/be in future.
few things I would like to list here for my own reference:

  1. A good, really good music system
  2. A good, very good television set with the widest screen possible to give me a theatre feel.
  3. Tabla in a music room
  4. A very nice little garden, I love plants and gardening
  5. A chai hut/room where flavors from around the world would be available
  6. A play room where playstations and other things should be there.
  7. Library :) How can I miss this. A nice room with lots of books and nice chair with nice settings.
Already having a good day!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Feasting and Fasting!

Well, Hello!

My sweetie pie blog :P

You see, I am in a good mood today. Why? umm...well last night only I have uploaded two journal articles and I was so busy preparing them for last couple of days. What I am doing since today : Nothing. Woke up late @ 11 am, pushed myself for a head bath, wore my Van heusen favourite top and you know whattttttttttt? I fit well inside it. Thats the top which I had bought before my UK trip last year, at that time I was weighing some 59 odd kgs. Ofcourse, once as I was back, I had swollen like anything from all the pizza's, burgers, cup cakes (Oh, love), cakes, pastries and my great cooking skills. I was so occupied that I never got anytime to work upon myself. And I LOVE food, so no chance of dieting. Dieting is for loosers :P

So, right after I came back from Mumbai for a good 15 days holidays with my parents and sister, I had planned I HAVE to shed those extra kilos. I was 65 kilos :( Sixxty-damn five kilos.

Then I started with a secret recipe that  I am not gonna share. Its something you eat..umm no drink. Believe me its not something bad. Its purely legal and healthy. It's a vegetable actually. But I m not gonna tell you my this secret recipe. I m gonna keep it to myself.

But you know making that Secret-recipe every morning was a pain in the ass. So, initially I was regular for 10-15 days but later I skipped it. It sure helped me reduce some 1-1.5 kgs. Not more than that.

Finally, I came back to my favorite thing in the world. Badminton. Why? because, running seemed difficult to manage (since I am a senior PhD student and I have tons of work), dieting is huh! impossible for a foodies like me, so Baddy is my love and I enjoy doing that. I play for like 3-4 hours daily in my hostel with guys. Yeah, since ours is a co-ed hostel. And trust me they all are very good players. So playing with them not only improved my game but also helped me reduce weight.

Today, just today while going to department I stopped to weigh myself, it came  59 kgs. My original me! Yay!! and the top I am wearing today is making me look beautiful :)

Yo Yo :D

Friday, February 10, 2017


When life gives you lemons, 
make lemonade,
with extra ice!
Nothing is easy, 
it comes with a price
Even, breathing is difficult, sometimes..
Everyone's battling their own struggle
Stay positive, Stay blessed
I keep on telling..
but, it becomes tad too hard, sometimes
In those times
Believing on Him is the hope you aspire
So many things you dig in your heart
So many expressions, you crush inside
life is short, still
Somehow.. pages forms a chapter, and chapters complete a story
Sooner or later, it will all make sense

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

8 hour block

We've been told by health experts or often read in newspapers, television that an individual should have an eight-hours block of sleep everyday as an adult. There are lot of conjecture about this that goes on and I think it varies from an individual to individual. However, for me particularly, 8 hour sleep is a must. Though I feel really good after having it, waking up refreshed and having my efficiency better, at the same time, I feel I kind of waste 2 hours of my day into just sleep. I wish I was sleeping for 6 hours instead, then I would have got more time for the day's work.
I even know there is no solution for it, and many a times I have got into trouble or sleeping this long and also deep. Yes, my sleep is long and deep and continuous. I dont know whether it is good or not.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

I am too good

Yes, it's true.

Many a times, I get to feel this feeling that I am indeed too good. I am not exaggerating, may be I 'm biased or just not met enough people out there. You know, right now I am feeling where should I start from :P my list of goodness is too long :D One of my lab mate (Ravi) keeps me saying often, aap itna sab kaise kar lete ho (How come you do all this), my guide says, I'm blessed and my friends says, I m stud. Acknowledging all the sweet compliments, I think it starts from my childhood. (Now one can get a feel, I'm talking like a celebrity). 
Right from my school, I was a multi-tasking person. I never kind of focused only on one thing. It doesn't mean I did things with half-heart. Problem was I always wanted to do all the things liking acing it. The first competition of any kind that I participated in was a Banana race, in fourth standard :P. You know its like how they tie your hand and you got to run for 100 meters then eat a banana with your mouth and come back 100 meters to the finishing line. I won first prize. May be it was just for the banana :P and there it was, the count of my participation and winning was endless, I have over 70 certificates from various competitions that used to be in schools viz. debating, sports, cultural, quizzes, writing, science congresses what not. You name it. See I don't want to sound boasting but I'm telling the truth. I remember my mom used to say, when after the annual day prize distributions, when I used to get down rom the school bus how my hands used to be filled with prizes, medals and trophies and how neighbour aunties used to praise about me to my mom, sonu ne to pure school ka prize hi jeet aayi hai (Seems sonu has won prizes of everybody). The pace slowed down a little ater my 12th standard. But it never stopped. Even during college, I participated in debating, cultural etc. After coming to IIT Kgp I felt I am at the right place and at the right time. This place is filled with opportunities. If someone is motivates and enthusiast, he/she can become a Sundar Pichai or Kejriwal (sorry about that :P). Oh by the way, Sundar Pichai is coming to the campus on January 5th. 
Likewise, I used this place and the opportunity showered to me by God to make full justice. I participated again in all the things possible. It helped me make lots of friends, stay fit, evolve more as a person and be confident. Not only I got good grades and be academically sound, publish papers I also happened to grab some good internship opportunities, the latest being the Fulbright fellowship. But when I started to write this post, my orientation was a little different.  wanted to talk about me as a person, but couldn't stop to tell the whole story. 
Even as a person, I think I am not a person with ill intent or someone who is bad, like bad. I know it would be inappropriate to call/tag someone as bad because its about perspectives. Honestly telling, I think I have a good heart. I will never ever hurt someone intentionally or be mean enough to spoil someone's work or even say a bad word. Again, I feel its because of my upbringing and the whole credits for this goes to my parents and siblings. I know them being one of the nicest people on earth. Such sweet, adorable and kind people they are. I kind of inherited from them. So its like a bonus, I am good otherwise too and with a good heart and mouth. So this makes me a wonderful person :P I feel like singing this song, My name is sheila, main khud se pyar jataun. I may sound narcissist. and yeah I am beautiful too :P 
Ab aur nahi bola jata :P 
By the way, just yesterday I won Gold in Mixed doubles and Gold in Women championship of Badminton. So, you see :P