Monday, March 19, 2018

Spring is coming

Clear Blue sky
            So this is a late afternoon Sunday Post. I am as usual in my office. Yesterday was bad. The start was so bad. I woke up in a shock that my compiler wasn't linked and felt as if I have missed some important meeting. I slept at around 2ish on Friday night. Therefore, planned to sleep at leastfor 8 hours so as to not wake up before 10 am. But this shock was too bad. It took me 5-7 seconds to realise that relax, its Saturday and you don't have a meeting to attend. I literally thought at that time, my life sucks. Who wakes up like that. I couldn't sleep after that. Definitely, the day wasn't productive. I felt so low in confidence. I didn't want to talk to anyone. I remember calling home (it's mandatory to call my folks at least twice a day) and not have anything to talk to. They kept asking me why are you silent and if everything's okay. I did not have an answer. Because as such there was no reason for that. I felt bad and tried to think for some topics to talk about: like hows Puchu doing? and what these guys made for dinner (my fav topic though). At 3 pm, I decided to go out of my room. I do not like to be in my room, I feel bored. So, I went to my dept. Worked for an hour on something and planned to watch a movie all by myself that evening. 

After Samosa and Chole Bhature face :P
                 Watching a movie alone has always been on my wishlist. It was Tomb Raider, so I planned to watch the 7 pm show. Excited. But before that, I had to go to the gym. So I finished my work and moved to the gym. To my surprise of the day, working out in the gym really uplifted my mood and spirits. I must have run straight for 45 minutes on the treadmill, sometimes crossing 7 mph. I felt so good. Later I did my routines on the cross runner and other things. It was going to be 7. So I wrapped myself and walked for 5 minutes to the Cinemark Theatre. I was carrying my laptop bag and sadly when I went to buy the tickets they showed me some stupid Bag Policy (recently introduced) meaning I can not watch the movie with the bag. (I don't know why they did that because I have seen movies there previously while carrying the bag). I was really disappointed. But then I had already reached there 10 minutes past 7 and If I planned to drop my bag at home or university, I wouldn't be back before at least 7:30. So I decided to chuck that show and went ahead, did some grocery shopping and finally reached home by 8ish. This is early according to my daily routine which is around 10ish. So, I made myself a fruit salad. I planned to watch the 10 pm show since I wanted to do that but by 9:30 I felt lazy. Also, by then my friends made a plan to go for lunch the following day so I thought I 'll watch a movie on the evening of Sunday.
Gazar ka halwa (not bad it was)

Here I am, after the awesome lunch buffet at The Ekta, back in the office and the plan is still on (minus the bag ) :)

Today is a good day. I had Gazar ka Halwa after guess 2 years. :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Green Tea-ed!

That's my 40th Cup
Can't believe I have finished some 50 odd packets of Green Tea in 2 months almost.

I used to hate Green Tea flavour, but if you really want to do something, you do that.

It's also true for losing weight :P I have lost significantly, not telling you how much.

Wait, I can't say for sure there is a correlation between the two, cuz there were many more things which I did alongside having green tea.

Nevertheless, it works.

Ok, Bye Bye. 

Friday, February 23, 2018

Food. Period!

Dieting and me? Never going to be possible. I don't know how people can resist food. and Here it's me, who is only thinking about food ALL the time.
My Mornings (also afternoons, evenings and every damn time) are filled with all sorts of planning for the food:
  1. What to eat in the breakfast, 
  2. What if I go hungry between breakfast and lunch-lemme pack some food for in-between the times
  3. Lunch-has to be good-yeah, prepares and pack the night before
  4. Post-lunch cravings-umm..have to go to the gym, so lemme eat and finish at least before 2 hours- lets pack some fruits, crunchies etc.
  5. The coffee time around 5-ish. How can I have coffee just alone-time to bite some snacks. Feels good. Great
  6. Post-Gym thoughts: I deserve good food. Yeah!
  7. Dinner-makes awesome delicacies
  8. Dessert
  9. Bedtime: Umm, what I m gonna have for breakfast tomorrow...

Repeat :-|

P.S: I don't know if its normal? Does everybody think about food often? 

Thursday, February 22, 2018

One of those evenings

Literally feel like banging my head right now against the computer screen, due to this simulation which I just don't seem to understand, and I'm hungry as hell (in fact I am hungry since the morning: for the records- I had a proper breakfast, lunch, fruits (4 no.) and snacks, coffee, green tea), feel like just going to the terrace of a tallest building ever (and of course not jump), lie down, watch the stars while this song plays in the background:

Monday, December 11, 2017

Last few days of 2017

My First SnowFall in Philly. Dec 09, 2017
This year is just on the verge of ending soon with promises, wishes, and dreams full for another year. Unlike all other years, I am not going to make any resolutions this year, because :
  1. My resolutions pertaining to doing exercise and lose weight have always gone in vain. Hence, no futile attempts, anymore.
  2. Plans of becoming sane, mature n all that. I think I am now that, already.
  3. Plans for studying harder this year (the stupid ritual of mine, studying 5 mins before and after midnight of every 31st Dec). Please, not this time. Already, I am going to earn my doctorate soon.
  4. Rather, I just plan to celebrate my New Year like I never did before.
Although I am not the person who likes to share his plan ahead of time (yeah, I 'm a little old school and believe sharing plans beforehand generally spoils it), let me share this time and see what happens. This New Year Eve, I am planning to celebrate in the New York with my bunch of other Fulbright friends. It's actually gonna start from the evening of 25th on Christmas and continue until the 2nd of January. I am looking forward to that. Meanwhile, I will finish my pending stuff from this year and update you with a general overview of this year. I think this will be a good exercise, I would love to look back at it after, maybe, several years and Laugh!. 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Friends like family

Somewhere in Chicago
The connectivity and love you feel with your friends from the past are boundless. It's kind of an overwhelming feeling. Doesnt matter, whether it was your best friend, at some point in life or just your batch mate, whom you had few exchanges in a day, limiting to a Hi, Bye or How ya'doin? I just feel as if I have shared a beautiful phase of my life with him/her and you feel connected. Ya'all will never harm each other. Can't really explain what I wanna convey. Tch!

My school, UPenn :)
      All I know is that I am making tad too many promises while I am here in the U.S to meet and go out with my people from the past. I really hope I am able to fulfill them. I wanna go back as an improved person who is more organized, punctual, sober and logical. I hope I'll be able to do that. Maybe living on your own and this far from your peeps makes you realize the importance of people, relationships and in general, life.
As of now, I am just trying to work everything out as I had planned and enjoy as much of my experience here as I can  (and the rest will make for good stories, right?)

Currently, #HighOnLife :)

Just a song

Naina.. jo saanjhe khwab dekhte the
Naina.. bichad ke aaj ro diye hain yun
Naina.. jo milke raat jaagte the
Naina.. sehar mein palken meechte hain yun

Juda huve kadam
Jinhone li thi ye kasam
Milke chalenge hardum
Ab baant’te hain ye gham
Bheege naina.. jo sanjhe khwab dekhte the
Naina.. bichhad ke aaj ro diye hain yun

Saans hairaan hai
Mann pareshaan hai
Ho rahi si kyun ruaansa ye meri jaan hai

Kyun nirasha se hai
Aas haari huyi
Kyun sawaalon ka utha sa
Dil mein toofaan hai

Naina.. thhe aasmaan ke sitaare
Naina.. grahan mein aaj toot’te hain yun
Naina.. kabhi jo dhoop senkte thhe
Naina.. thehar ke chhaaon dhoondhte hain yun

Juda huye kadam
Jinhone li thi ye kasam
Milke chalenge hardum
Ab baant’te hain ye gham
Bheege naina.. jo sanjhe khwab dekhte the
Naina.. bichhad ke aaj ro diye hain yun

Seems a pretty sad song, isn't it? Yeah, but its a good one. And the most interesting thing is, I m enjoying the mature wali sadness. I never used to like such (sad) songs and the mature types of movies. But, as they say, there's a term called sweet pain. I am kinda enjoying that ;)

Thursday, November 23, 2017

My story

No one can know my story,
I tell you that
No one can know me that well,
I promise you that

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Yes, that's exactly my state of mind right now.

I have got my Skype scheduled in 2 hours from now with Warren. Interestingly, it's 4th of July and America would be celebrating. But, somewhere in the corners of India, someone is infuriating. This is mainly because I am stuck with these phase equilibrium problems and I couldn't solve them. I have tried a lot. The most interesting part is that I have to present today. So with a good start to the day many more excuses might be on the way to Warren. I just hope I am saved today with the embarrassment. Going absolutely crazy creating new files in Aspen and failing to get desired phases. I think I m gonna shut this down and go have Samosa and Tea at Kali da. 

Yeah, that'll be better.

P.S : In my opinion, I think the solution to all the problems in this world is Good food.


Friday, May 19, 2017

Life these days..

My average day ends by 1:30 or 2 am and I woke up at 8, get ready and all and then move to the lab. But between hall and lab, I have to make a stopover to have my breakfast. Why? Because hall mess is closed due to summer vacations. There's a time constraint for marking attendance. In order to do that, immediately have to rush to the department. After crossing that hurdle, the next is to several ways:

1. Old building lab
2. P K Sinha Centre
3. Mechanical Eng lab (CFD lab)
4. Cryogenics Centre lab
5. Main BT lab

So, while I am on my bicycle, I decide which way to go. Why I have to do that?
1. P K Sinha Centre; because of my students, two of them, have their experimental set-up running over there and I am guiding them. Last month only got done with two more after submission of their thesis. My inoculums and other experiment are also going on there.
2. Old building lab; since that's my old lab and I just love that place. I find my mental peace there. There are not many people in that lab so I prefer to be there. A good place to write and read actually. I don't like to do that with many people around.Also, all the experimental set-ups have to be done there only before shifting to yet another lab of ours which is CFD lab in Mechanical Engineering Department. 
3. So for those experiments, I rush to CFD lab and the sampling and analysis of all those samples have to be done in the main building lab.
4. Cryogenics lab; to learn Aspen, for my US research work.

So technically and literally, I am running all day long. And, this is minus, going to the raceway pond area, to the SRIC office, main admin block, CWIS center, Civil eng etc. So yesterday night I was thinking why I get so tired at the end of the day and sleep like a hibernating bear and I came to this conclusion. So I think I m fine.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

When I meet my Future self

Music and Library does to me what Yoga/Meditation does to others.
Library is one of the finest place where my brain and body answers as one.  The amount of peace and intensity I get here is unspeakable. As last few days have been so chaotic, so messy, so over-loaded, damn! I still have tons of work and deadlines, but I managed to have a fulfilling time. Playing the Vidya vox version of We dun talk.., I love how she used Tabla, the sound of which got amalgmated with the original ones and making the cover look even better. I think I am naturally inclined to music, good music, all kinds of music. I love Tabla, I will learn it someday soon. With this, I am imagining how my place/home would look like/be in future.
few things I would like to list here for my own reference:

  1. A good, really good music system
  2. A good, very good television set with the widest screen possible to give me a theatre feel.
  3. Tabla in a music room
  4. A very nice little garden, I love plants and gardening
  5. A chai hut/room where flavors from around the world would be available
  6. A play room where playstations and other things should be there. (Not the kind in fifty shades.. :P)
  7. Library :) How can I miss this. A nice room with lots of books and nice chair with nice settings.
Already having a good day!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Feasting and Fasting!

Well, Hello!

My sweetie pie blog :P

You see, I am in a good mood today. Why? umm...well last night only I have uploaded two journal articles and I was so busy preparing them for last couple of days. What I am doing since today : Nothing. Woke up late @ 11 am, pushed myself for a head bath, wore my Van heusen favourite top and you know whattttttttttt? I fit well inside it. Thats the top which I had bought before my UK trip last year, at that time I was weighing some 59 odd kgs. Ofcourse, once as I was back, I had swollen like anything from all the pizza's, burgers, cup cakes (Oh, love), cakes, pastries and my great cooking skills. I was so occupied that I never got anytime to work upon myself. And I LOVE food, so no chance of dieting. Dieting is for loosers :P

So, right after I came back from Mumbai for a good 15 days holidays with my parents and sister, I had planned I HAVE to shed those extra kilos. I was 65 kilos :( Sixxty-damn five kilos.

Then I started with a secret recipe that  I am not gonna share. Its something you eat..umm no drink. Believe me its not something bad. Its purely legal and healthy. It's a vegetable actually. But I m not gonna tell you my this secret recipe. I m gonna keep it to myself.

But you know making that Secret-recipe every morning was a pain in the ass. So, initially I was regular for 10-15 days but later I skipped it. It sure helped me reduce some 1-1.5 kgs. Not more than that.

Finally, I came back to my favorite thing in the world. Badminton. Why? because, running seemed difficult to manage (since I am a senior PhD student and I have tons of work), dieting is huh! impossible for a foodies like me, so Baddy is my love and I enjoy doing that. I play for like 3-4 hours daily in my hostel with guys. Yeah, since ours is a co-ed hostel. And trust me they all are very good players. So playing with them not only improved my game but also helped me reduce weight.

Today, just today while going to department I stopped to weigh myself, it came  59 kgs. My original me! Yay!! and the top I am wearing today is making me look beautiful :)

Yo Yo :D

Friday, February 10, 2017


When life gives you lemons, 
make lemonade,
with extra ice!
Nothing is easy, 
it comes with a price
Even, breathing is difficult, sometimes..
Everyone's battling their own struggle
Stay positive, Stay blessed
I keep on telling..
but, it becomes tad too hard, sometimes
In those times
Believing on Him is the hope you aspire
So many things you dig in your heart
So many expressions, you crush inside
life is short, still
Somehow.. pages forms a chapter, and chapters complete a story
Sooner or later, it will all make sense