Friday, May 19, 2017

Life these days..

My average day ends by 1:30 or 2 am and I woke up at 8, get ready and all and then move to the lab. But between hall and lab, I have to make a stopover to have my breakfast. Why? Because hall mess is closed due to summer vacations. There's a time constraint for marking attendance. In order to do that, immediately have to rush to the department. After crossing that hurdle, the next is to several ways:

1. Old building lab
2. P K Sinha Centre
3. Mechanical Eng lab (CFD lab)
4. Cryogenics Centre lab
5. Main BT lab

So, while I am on my bicycle, I decide which way to go. Why I have to do that?
1. P K Sinha Centre; because of my students, two of them, have their experimental set-up running over there and I am guiding them. Last month only got done with two more after submission of their thesis. My inoculums and other experiment are also going on there.
2. Old building lab; since that's my old lab and I just love that place. I find my mental peace there. There are not many people in that lab so I prefer to be there. A good place to write and read actually. I don't like to do that with many people around.Also, all the experimental set-ups have to be done there only before shifting to yet another lab of ours which is CFD lab in Mechanical Engineering Department. 
3. So for those experiments, I rush to CFD lab and the sampling and analysis of all those samples have to be done in the main building lab.
4. Cryogenics lab; to learn Aspen, for my US research work.

So technically and literally, I am running all day long. And, this is minus, going to the raceway pond area, to the SRIC office, main admin block, CWIS center, Civil eng etc. So yesterday night I was thinking why I get so tired at the end of the day and sleep like a hibernating bear and I came to this conclusion. So I think I m fine.


Anonymous said...

Missing you dear bear :(

Geetanjali Yadav said...

Bhai, ye anonymous log bohot ho gaye hain..main bohot famous wamous hun kya :D
Waise, I know I am the Best! :D